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July 18, 2008, Leipzig/Germany

01:00 pm Case-based Reasoning for Diagnosis of Stress using Enhanced Cosine and Fuzzy Similarity Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Shahina Begum, Peter Funk, Ning Xiong, Bo Von Schéele
01:30 pm Shape Averaging by Invariant Fourier Descriptors Ekkawut Rojsattarat and Xiaoyi Jiang
02:00 pm Semi-Automatic Configuration of Temporal Abstractions of Time-Series Data using CBR Georgio Leonardi,A. Bottrighi, Stefania Montani, Lugio Portinale
02:30 pm Coffee Break
03:00 pm Similarity-Based Object Tracking in Life-Cell Images Horst Perner
03:30 pm Evaluation of a Incremental Case-Based Classifier Sylvia Schmiedel
04:00 pm CBR-Based Meta-Learning of Parameters for Image Processing Angela Attig
04:00 pm Case-Based Reasoning and the Statisitical Challenges: Part II Petra Perner
04:30 pm Discussion, Outlook and End of Workshop
05:00 pm Get-together