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CBR - Program

September 3, 2011, New York, USA

Workshop Chair: Petra Perner

9.00 am A Comparison Between CBR and MLC in Order to Indentify Aquaculture Area from a Costal Image Liu Peng and Du Yunyan
9.30 am A First Note on the Problem of Normalization and a Normalized Similarity Measure by Online Data Anja Attig and Petra Perner
10.00 am A Case-Based Retrieval System for Post-Operative Pain Treatment Mobyen Uddin Ahmed and Peter Funk
10.30 am A Case-Based Driver's State Monitoring System Using Physiological Sensor Signals Shahina Begum
11.00 am Case Selection Evaluation Methodology Jose M. Juarez, Eduardo Lupiani, and Jose Palma
11.30 am Discussion
12.00 End of Workshop
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