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Mission ICDM

The Industrial Conferences on Data Mining ICDM is held on yearly basis.

Researcher and Industrial People from different fields will present theoretical aspects and their applications, and the results obtained by applying data mining. Besides that, newcomers in the field can get a fast introduction to Data Mining by taking the tutorial running in connection with the conference.

In a special industry session practicioners from different industrial branches can present their ongoing projects and discuss their work with the auditorium. An industrial exhibition, where companies present their data-mining tools, will round up the conference.

Four workshops are running in connection with the conference: Data Mining in Life Sciences DMLS, Case-Based Reasoning CBR-MD, Data Mining in Marketing, and Workshop Data Mining in Agriculture. Other proposals for workshops are welcome and can be submitted to

In a problem/solution hour you will have the opportunity to present your application and ask for support by researchers.

The social events will give you the opportunity to meet top leading researchers in Data Mining and Machine Learning from all over the world.

Target groups of ICDM


Researchers doing theoretical and applied research in data mining.


Practicioners from different industrial, social or economic branches such as for example:


Database marketing companys, direct marketing companys, credit scoring service providers, Marketing service providers, mailorderhouses, insurance companys, financial service providers marketing agenturen, e-commerce companys

Managers and specialists for analytical CRM, database marketing, sales, operations research, produktmanagement and IT

Customer-Relationship Managment

Managers and specialists for analytical CRM, database marketing, sales, operations research, produktmanagement and IT

Industry Automation Engineers dealing with the automation of industrial processes, where a lot of data have to be summarized to give new guidelines for process control, product development, and quality assurance


Physicians and veterinarians, who have to convert subjective data (i.e. the colouring in histology and cytology) into objective clinical results.

System Biology, Genetics

System Biology, Geneticists, who, in the scope of Genomics and Proteomics, have to detect the minority of disease-relevant data out of millions of poorly understood basis data.

Public Sector, Finance

Financal Manager, economists and lawyers engaged in politics and management, who have to develop new guidelines and payment directives in the framework of the health reform law and are to develop means of decision making, which are logically deducible from data bases, documents and pragmatic approaches.

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